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Vynlyf is where you can discover unique, American wines that you never knew existed. We go to extraordinary lengths to find wineries who are passionate about the wines they make, and are eager to share that with you.

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Wines and winemakers you never knew about before

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About the people, processes, and passions behind every bottle.

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Marchelle Wines by the "Vine Whisperer" Greg La Follette

A sneak peak into their best wines yet!

Greg La Follette is the visionary winemaker behind such labels as Flowers, and now brings his prowess to Marchelle Wines where his focus has turned to old vines and varietals such as Zinfandel and Cinsault. These wines hark back to an often forgotten time in California winemaking, and yet they show that the best vines have stood the test of time, and their exceptional wines are waiting to be rediscovered.

Driven by winemakers

Vynlyf is a marketplace driven by craft winemakers and small wineries, offering an in depth exploration of wine, the people who make it, their passions, and their practices. We put winemakers first!

Discover something unique

We celebrate the diversity of our country in every sip, in every bottle and in every grape. Each has its own story, each person their own approach. No two wines are ever the same and there is always something new.

Drink local

Local wines made by authentic, craft, American winemakers (or winemakers who have decided to call America home!) We celebrate what makes each winemaker different and unique, and focus on what makes their wines special instead of grading them.

Wines we love

The most crushable pink wines

Rosé and white wines from red grapes, we look at the pink wines that beat the heat!

Crisp White Wines

White wines that make your hot summer nights that much cooler.

Summer Selections

Pet-Nat Party!!!

Pet-Nats are here to put a little fizz into your life and make your summer sparkle!

Drink Pink! A guide to Rosé

It wouldn't be summer without some Rosé in your life now would it? Good thing we have A LOT to choose from!

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