What is Vynlyf?

Vynlyf helps you enjoy wine from across the United States
and have it appear at your door, and that’s nice.

how it works


Wines and winemakers you wont find in your local store.

how it works


About the people, processes, and passions behind every bottle.

how it works


Buy directly from wineries you love and share your favorites with friends.

We Love Wine!

Like, we really love wine

But more importantly we love sharing the experiences, the stories, and the memories of great wines with friends & family. We are inspired by the wineries’ stories, fascinated by their backgrounds, and in awe of their passion for what they create. The only problem is that this passion gets lost in old school distribution methods where large corporations pay to play and marketing relies heavily on tasting notes, ratings, and opinions of a very select few.

So what did we do about this?

We created VYNLYF!

A place for small wineries to engage with curious wine drinkers - for consumers to find wines they can feel connected to - for the passion poured into each bottle to be experienced in every glass. If you are here it’s because you also enjoy wine. Maybe you are thirsty and curious for more. Maybe you are just looking for something you know you will like. Whether a seasoned wine lover with a passion for intricacy, or someone who just enjoys a good glass without all the fuss, we’ve got you!

We believe that at the end of the day it comes down to just two questions...

How does it make you feel? And do you like it? That’s why we have curated a selection of wines from small producers all over the U.S. Wines that are made using different techniques, unique varietals, and with different characters that fit any occasion. The best part… we are bringing wine to you that might not be available in your state! Why? Because we believe that there are too many great producers out there to be hidden by antiquated laws and distributors who won’t take on small suppliers! We look forward to welcoming you to the Vynlyf family, sharing the passion that makes us so excited about our winery partners, and connecting you to your next favorite bottle of wine! Cheers!