Celebrate American Wine

A nod to the Steven Spurrier and the Judgement of Paris, we celebrate the grapes that put American wine on the map. Cabernet and Chardonnay.

Cabernet Sauvignon

Cabernet Sauvignon helped to put American wine on the map in the 1970s. Ever since then American wineries have continued to take their own own spin on this classic noble variety. Some focus on the amazing qualities of the grape through terroir driven single varietals, others showcase just how well it plays with other grapes in a luscious blend. Whatever your taste, these wines are a celebration of how much we have grown to love a rich, bold Cab!


Let's not forget that it was American Chardonnays that outperformed their competition by a long shot at that same tasting and remains to this day America's favorite wine. Today America's winemakers produce a wide range of Chards from bright and fresh all the way to rich and creamy and everything in between. American Chardonnay is not just a passion, its an obsession!