Wine lovers are looking for wineries to fall in love with...
Can they find you?

Join a marketplace designed for small, boutique, and artisanal wineries. We're Vynlyf and we want to help you build a better channel to your consumers.

How Vynlyf can open up your DtC sales channel

Vynlyf is a marketplace driven by craft winemakers and small wineries like yourself. We just created a better place to showcase who you are and what you can do. Better yet it is all under your control.


Connect with enthusiastic and curious wine lovers from around the country who are exploring wines in their own ways, based on their tastes, interests, and beliefs.


A powerful dashboard to manage your business and sell your wines. We work with you to craft your page and make sure that your story is told and no details are left unturned so that people can find you.


Market and sell to wine lovers based on who they are and where they are. Use insight into wine lovers to help you position your winery and your wines to people who are looking for you.

Easy to use

Vynlyf makes everything easy to use so that you can get back to the important things, like making wine! Even if you are stretched thin we are here to help you get set up, and continue using our system hassle free.

Upload and Go

Simply upload your winery information and your wines and your are ready to rock! We will even go over your wines with you to makes sure they are searchable and will stand out.

Build it Up

Vynlyf will keep you informed and up to date on trends that we know you can take advantage of. If there is an opportunity to get more people your wine we will find it.

Let it Roll In

Now that the hard part is done, let us take care of getting eyes on your winery and lips on your wines. We don't just sit back and rely on the digital stuff, we look to make connection and drive interest through partnerships and collaborations.

We really cannot wait to work with you! We take great pride in sharing your stories and passions with our community. Our main goal will always be to help you achieve yours, whatever they are. Are you ready to join the Vynlyf family?