Pet - Nat Magénta

By Sauvage Spectrum

The perfect Pet-Nat for the warmer weather! Hazy, Funky, Fruit Forward, Tart Berry, FUN!
The grapes are pressed after a short maceration and fermentation starts in stainless steel. The wine is bottled under a crown cap before fermentation ends for natural carbonation. No sulfites added.


Total: $25.00



Body Medium
Acidity Medium
Tannins Low
ABV 14%
Winemaking Co-Ferment;Hand Harvested;Low Sulfites;Pet-Nat;Non-GMO;Gluten Free
AVA Grand Valley
76.20 mm
304.80 mm
76.20 mm
Net Weight
3.30 kg
Gross Weight
3.30 kg

Meet the Winemaker

Patric Matysiewski


In 2010 Patric Matysiewski began a career in fermentation. Hired on at Breckenridge Brewery originally to prep in the kitchen and wash dishes. Within a few months he was summoned to operate the canning line. From here on he excelled to bottling line operator and keg filler and washer. Learning the ins and outs of the cold side of brewing and cellaring.

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