2019 Riesling

By Teutonic Wine Company

Old vine Riesling from Crow Valley Vineyard, Willamette Valley AVA, Oregon
This Riesling is off dry in style, aromatic with notes of stone fruit, thirst quenching and a true crowd pleaser. Don't think of Riesling as a Grandma wine and that it's sweet and insipid. Sweetness in wine is not a bad thing especially when it's counterbalanced with high acid. Think of lemonade. You have to add sugar to lemon water or you couldn't drink it right? So this is the same thing, it's balanced, it's refreshing and is will be your go-to wine when you eat hot and spicy Thai, Indian curry or hot chicken wings! When you're eating that five-star hot dish, you'll be glad you picked this Riesling to drink with it. PLEASE NOTE WE CAN SHIP TO THE FOLLOWING: AK, CA, FL, IL, MA, MN, MO, NJ, NY, OR, TX, WA, Washington, DC.


Total: $25.00


Vintage 2019
Varietals Riesling
Profile Aromatic;Citrusy;Wet Stones
Body Medium
Acidity High
ABV 10%
Vineyard Crow Valley Vineyard
Winemaking Dry Farmed;Minimal Intervention;Natural Wine;Old Vine;Own-Rooted;Vegan Friendly
Cases produced 200
70.60 mm
330.20 mm
70.60 mm
Net Weight
2.50 kg
Gross Weight
3.00 kg

Meet the Winemaker

Olga & Barnaby Tuttle


One question we get asked the most is “How did Teutonic get started?” to which I say “It’s a long story. Do you want to hear it all?

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