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Zinfandel ~ Nouveau Style ~

A true wild child

About this wine

This is a youthful expression of the vintage, loaded with vibrant punchy fruits, it jumps out at you in a full embrace of its youthful rawness: cherry soda with candied orange and a rosemary sprig. She is a true wild child. Think spunky teenager with plenty of sass, grit and tenacity…heading to a drum circle. This wine was born with the idea of “joie de vivre”, exuberant enjoyment of life. A reminder to bring lightness and joy to an otherwise challenging situation whenever possible, soaking up the little things that are positive, smile when we can and revel in the moments we can find that bring us happiness. The Onward Nouveau Style is the result of a 100% whole cluster semi-carbonic fermentation program. These Zinfandel vines from Hill Vineyard in Mendocino were planted in the early 1970s. This vineyard is Organically farmed by the Johnsons, who are 5th generation growers and the owners of our long time favorite vineyard Hawkeye Ranch . The Zinfandel was picked when it had layers of flavors, supporting both ripe notes and lively acid. The 2020 vintage had many challenges for both growers and producers and we had to do what I affectionately refer to as pivot, where we changed things up mid stream. I decided to go whole cluster semi-carbonic in order to get a plethora of interesting aromatics and flavors, while limiting skin contact time, pressing off mid fermentation and then finishing the fermentation as the juice. After fermentation was complete the wine was briefly settled in neutral French oak and then hand bottled in December of that same vintage to maintain its youthful expression. The personality of this wine was unique to anything I have made before and it became clear to me during harvest that this was the perfect time to make a reality out of a long talked about collaboration with my dear friend Dara Weyna, thus the art label series was born. The timing of this label could not have been more perfect, both Dara and her artwork bring happiness to even the toughest of times and for most of us, 2020 was just that. Visit her website Dara Weyna to see more of the works of art that this amazing woman creates. As far as the art series goes, expect the unexpected, she will bring surprises of all types: rare creatures, one offs, unusual treats, each time sharing a new piece of beautiful art created by Dara. As I wrote on the back label, this is my winemaking version of a silver lining, beauty can come out of a situation that was 100% a whole cluster.

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Meet the Winemaker

Faith Armstrong Foster


Onward Wines

As refreshing as the Pétillant Naturel she makes of Malvasia Bianca, many of the words used to describe Faith Armstrong Foster’s wine could be used to describe the winemaker herself. Honest, vibrant, unfiltered, true to her origins, bright, complex. To get to know Faith, taste one of her wines and then ask her a question about how it is made. Sit back and relax. You are about to be introduced to her passion.