Like bringing a switchblade to a fistfight, our St. Laurent is unabashedly rebellious and unapologetic. From the first sip, it is abundantly clear that this wine is not pretentious nor delicate. On the contrary, it hits against your senses with notes of gamy savoriness and enough funk to knock any straight-laced person off their pillar of sensibility. Earthy, brooding, and mysterious, this is our signature wine and we are proud to show it off. Drink with any smoky, barbecued meats (or veggies) for the perfect culinary pairing. FREE SHIPPING AFTER ANY 12 BOTTLE PURCHASE. PLEASE NOTE WE CAN SHIP TO THE FOLLOWING: CA (more states coming soon)


Total: $37.00


Vintage 2018
Varietals Saint Laurent
Profile Earthy;Savory;Barnyard;Brettanomyces
Body Medium
ABV 12%
Vineyard Ricci Vineyards
AVA Los Carneros
Clone St. Laurent
Cases produced 168
81.74 mm
296.44 mm
80.74 mm
Net Weight
1.36 kg
Gross Weight
1.36 kg

Meet the Winemaker

Tyler Kohfeld

Hunky Ginger + Wine Head Honcho

At Ricci Vineyards we are farmers first and foremost, but when it comes to the wine-side of things, Tyler steers the ship so to speak. If you happen to contact us regarding any of our wines, Tyler is the dude you'll be dealing with. In the rare event that he's not, it's probably because he is preoccupied with lathering sunscreen on his fair-skinned, chiseled body.

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