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2018 Pinot Noir - Three Lions

About this wine

Gripping and seductive, this is a classic New World Pinot Noir that radiates with the beautiful nuances of Carneros. When making this wine we wanted to express the subtle deviations of renowned Pinot Noir clones, so we created a blend from the 777, 667, and Pommard grapes we grow. Hence the name, Three Lions. The finished blend exudes a robust, commanding presence but is not domineering; as there is still enough finesse and elegance to not overpower your palette. Plenty of ripe cherry and vanilla elements, along with a subtle touch of oakiness, allow this versatile wine to easily be consumed on its own or paired with a variety of culinary dishes. Try it with a creamy polenta and mushroom ragù, duck flambé, or any plethora of seafood delicacy. FREE SHIPPING AFTER ANY 12 BOTTLE PURCHASE. PLEASE NOTE WE CAN SHIP TO THE FOLLOWING: CA (more states coming soon)

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Meet the Winemaker

Tyler Kohfeld

Hunky Ginger + Wine Head Honcho

Ricci Vineyards | Carneros

At Ricci Vineyards we are farmers first and foremost, but when it comes to the wine-side of things, Tyler steers the ship so to speak. If you happen to contact us regarding any of our wines, Tyler is the dude you'll be dealing with. In the rare event that he's not, it's probably because he is preoccupied with lathering sunscreen on his fair-skinned, chiseled body.