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2017 Grenache, Scaggs Vineyard, Napa Valley


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The Scaggs property sits atop Mt Veeder. It’s 2.5 acres of vineyard are planting within the ranges of 1100 to 1400 feet in elevation and contains a mix of aiken loam (at the top) and Saratoga-series sandstone at the bottom. The vineyard is hand farmed by one talented individual, Carlos Lopez. Carlos strictly adheres to organic practices and is the only human to touch each of the 3200 vines on the site a minimum of 6 times per year. Carlos’ vine care displays a form husbandry that is rarely seen in vineyard management these days. A series of extreme events will forever frame the 2017 vintage. At the start of the year record rainfall from January through April lead the way to a seasonably mild May and an optimal flowering period. Upon fruit set and bunch closure the first of two significant heat events rapidly accelerated the pace of the growing season. Then on Labor Day weekend, an offshore north wind event kicked the season into overdrive where daytime highs ranged from 105 degrees to 120 degrees. Given that Scaggs is situated at a higher elevation, day time temps were shielded from the extreme record setting highs, but nonetheless, the heat spike sped the pace of ripening toward the end of the growing season. In mid-September the weather cooled to seasonal temps and we chose to pick the Grenache in two passes, the first of which occurred on September 29th and the second on October 2nd just prior to the third on final heat event that was lurking in the forecast. The 2017 Grenache was fermented as two separate lots. Lot 1, picked on September 29th was destemmed entirely and fermented in a close top tank. The second pick, Lot 2, was fermented with 100% Whole Clusters in an open-top fermenter. Each lot was given our standard treatment and allowed to ferment with their own native yeasts. Total maceration lasted for 20 days. Following primary fermentation, élevage occurred in two 600L Stockinger demi-muids and one concrete egg. We found this combination quite suitable for the Grenache as both vessels heightened the wines final complexity and locked in a high toned primary quality in the aromatics while preserving a great deal of tension and freshness on the palate. The wine was racked one time within a week of bottling on October 5th. The final wine was bottled without fining or filtration. Aromas & Flavors of frais du bois, dried sage, bay laurel, black cherry, fine tannin.

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Matt and Audra Naumann

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Newfound Wines is a manifestation of a shared passion for wine and discovery between Matt and Audra Naumann—wine industry veterans and an agriculturally-motivated family. In 2016 we founded a 40 acre ranch, vineyard and winery in California’s Sierra Foothills to establish a legacy for our family and realize our dream to become first generation grape growers and independent wine producers. Additionally, we source from several select grape growers that share our same set of convictions.