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Pétillant Naturel, Rosé of Pinot Noir

Spunky as they come…yet wise beyond her years!

About this wine

This Rosé of Pinot noir Pét-Nat is loaded with ripe summer berries, floral and citrus nots and is very alive! The opening aromatics explode from the glass, and are lively, fresh and mysterious. To follow are notes of strawberry fields, citrus blossom, warm brioche toast with lemon curd and juicy berries…and a refreshing hint mint….and did I mention soft tiny delicate bubbles! This pretty pink bubbly offers a unique combination of youthfulness and complexity. I liken her to my 5 year old daughter who is spunky as they come…yet wise beyond her years and well…also often dresses in pink-e-e-y! The Pétillant Naturel is Onward’s sparking expression of the Onward Rosé of Pinot, which is the result of an intentional rosé program, picked expressly for rosé and whole cluster pressed. This wine stays true to the nature of an authentic Pétillant Naturel style wine: I encouraged native yeast fermentation, which finished in the bottle, with no sugar or other juice added. The wine was moved from tank to bottle by gravity. Everything to do with bottling pink-lady Pét-Nat has to be done by hand because she is still fermenting (meaning full of CO2 gas) and needs to be handled with care. I bottled the wine with a small amount of lees, allowing the fermentation to complete in bottle and left the wine un-disgorged (with sediment) in bottle. I feel this adds purity and complexity that would be lost if removed. The bottles were aged while the fermentation finished, then labeled and left finished with a crown cap. Making this wine is an emotional journey which is truly about passion. For me this journey represents an amazing intersections of two love affairs; my love of making Pet Nat that began in 2013 with the Malvasia Pét Nat, and my love of making Hawkeye Ranch Rosé of Pinot Noir, which began in 2010. This wine has been a long time coming, and while she made me work for it and loose plenty of sleep…it fills my heart and proves that good things come to those that wait! This Pét Nat Rosé is 100% Pinot Noir from Redwood Valley in northern Mendocino. The Pinot clusters were gently pressed to retain aromatics and bright acidity, additional complexity was gained by soaking on the skins for 8 hrs before completing the pressing cycle. Hawkeye Ranch is a family owned heritage vineyard site planted with Martini clone Pinot vines by the Johnsons in early 1970’s and farmed organically and is Fish Friendly Certified.

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Meet the Winemaker

Faith Armstrong Foster


Onward Wines

As refreshing as the Pétillant Naturel she makes of Malvasia Bianca, many of the words used to describe Faith Armstrong Foster’s wine could be used to describe the winemaker herself. Honest, vibrant, unfiltered, true to her origins, bright, complex. To get to know Faith, taste one of her wines and then ask her a question about how it is made. Sit back and relax. You are about to be introduced to her passion.