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The aromas of red cherry and cranberry jump out of the glass, followed by fresh cranberry sauce with orange and red currant jelly, with a subtle hint of raw pink peppercorn dancing about. This wine is about the vibrant and fresh side of Zinfandel, low alcohol with bright red notes on the palate and a striking garnet color in the glass. She is exciting, refreshing and adventurous, breaking down barriers and bringing people together, brightening the day of all who meet her. Making this wine has become a bit of an obsession on a few levels. This is my take on California Zinfandel, and I want to warn you it might not be what you expect, as it is a variation from the typical expression. I am so very excited about this wine. I have to smile when I stick my nose in the glass. Much of what we have come to expect from California Zinfandel is a big bold style that takes considerable ripeness to achieve, yet many of our prized Zinfandel vines such as these are older and struggle to achieve this high level of ripeness. In many cases these vines are being deemed over the hill and are being replanted. As a winemaker I prefer lower alcohol and more gentle expressions and I also believe in showcasing what a vineyard is really saying. I saw this as an opportunity to make a pretty and delicate expression of Zinfandel. I picked early and then included 50% whole cluster in my native fermentation to enhance the bright expression. Manual punch-downs were performed, maintaining delicate extraction and keeping the wine focused to express Zinfandel’s softer, vibrant side. This vineyard sits across the street from Hawkeye Ranch and has been farmed by the Johnson family for 28 years now. The vines are about 65 years old and they are head trained and dry farmed. It is a majestic vineyard surrounded by redwood trees, a classic California heritage site.

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Faith Armstrong Foster


Onward Wines

As refreshing as the Pétillant Naturel she makes of Malvasia Bianca, many of the words used to describe Faith Armstrong Foster’s wine could be used to describe the winemaker herself. Honest, vibrant, unfiltered, true to her origins, bright, complex. To get to know Faith, taste one of her wines and then ask her a question about how it is made. Sit back and relax. You are about to be introduced to her passion.