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Our first vintage of the Brisa from Russian River Valley grapes. Blend of Sauvignon Blanc, Muscat, and Chardonnay fermented completely dry in stainless steel. Two vineyard sources: Hook & Ladder and Windsor Oaks. Trying to stay true to the original field blend created from our first property in the Petaluma Gap, grapes were harvested on the same day and processed together. Clean, crisp white wine perfect for that hot summer day. Our patio pounder. Flavors of tropical fruits with a hint of perceived sweetness that gives your palette a fun ride without the sugary coated feeling. Goes well with seafood/sushi and spicy foods such as Indian, Mexican, or Thai.

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Cecilia Enriquez


Enriquez Estate Wines

Cecilia grew up in New Jersey, without any background in wine. But when Cecilia and her family visited California in 2009, she immediately fell in love with wine country. Upon losing her job at Wells Fargo during the recession, she decided to throw caution to the wind and move to California to start a wine brand in her family's name. Attaching herself to anyone who would teach her, she quickly learned the craft and began winning awards for her wines. Now on her 11th vintage as winemaker, Cecilia has honed her skills and begun experimenting with varietals not usually found in the Russian River area and winemaking practices not usually implemented in the United States. She is all about pushing the envelope and feels that her unique entry into winemaking empowers her to think outside the box.