Ricci Vineyards | Carneros

Sonoma, CA

Our Story

At Ricci Vineyards, we have been steeped in California grape growing culture and traditions for nearly forty years. Starting with humble beginnings in 1982, the sacrifice and hard work we have put forth as a family has culminated in over 200 acres of world-class Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and St. Laurent grape vines. The pride we have in our name, and in the land, is evident in the premium fruit we grow and ultimately the wine it becomes. Our roots in the Carneros region of Sonoma continue to run deep and it is here where our family’s vitality will reside; both in the present and for generations to come.

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24165 Ramal Rd, Sonoma, CA, 95476

Meet the Team

Tyler Kohfeld

Hunky Ginger + Wine Head Honcho

At Ricci Vineyards we are farmers first and foremost, but when it comes to the wine-side of things, Tyler steers the ship so to speak. If you happen to contact us regarding any of our wines, Tyler is the dude you'll be dealing with. In the rare event that he's not, it's probably because he is preoccupied with lathering sunscreen on his fair-skinned, chiseled body.

Kidding aside, being that Ricci Vineyards is a family operation, our wines are a stylistic representation of family tastes and preferences. Ultimately, we lean towards dry wines that are low in alcohol and approachable for any consumer or occasion. Whether you're familiar with the Carneros region of Sonoma or not, we're fully confident our wines are going to melt your face off (in a purely enjoyable, sensory way).

Enjoy each of our offerings from home or come visit us in-person; as we would be more than happy to host you. When you're here, ask for Tyler...he'll be the one hanging out in the shade.