Newfound Wines

Napa, CA

Our Story

Newfound is inspired by owner-operated wineries from all over the world. We focus on producing wines that are true to their place with the best possible intention. As we develop our sierra foothills vineyard, we are sourcing from heritage sites, using heritage varietals and natural vinification while employing a diverse selection of vessels to create these beautiful, savory, authentic wines. We are thrilled for you to enjoy them!

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1300 First Street, Suite 464, Napa, CA, 94559

Meet the Team

Matt and Audra Naumann

Owners and Winemakers

Newfound Wines is a manifestation of a shared passion for wine and discovery between Matt and Audra Naumann—wine industry veterans and an agriculturally-motivated family. In 2016 we founded a 40 acre ranch, vineyard and winery in California’s Sierra Foothills to establish a legacy for our family and realize our dream to become first generation grape growers and independent wine producers. Additionally, we source from several select grape growers that share our same set of convictions.
Our approach to the creation of wine comes from a place of humility and essentialism. We view farming as a connection not just to the land but to the universe, deeply acknowledging and respecting that nature is in control and understanding that our role is simply to listen and react. This nature-led farming informs our winemaking process. We endeavor to take an individualistic approach and raise authentic wines that contain a naturally rugged edge and most importantly captures the voice of our vineyards.