Merisi Wines - Inspired by an artistic legend

At Merisi Wines, our intentionally small lot wines are made with a wildly big heart. Our endless pursuit of quality begins in the vineyard: partnering with multi-generational family growers whose stewardship is reflected in their sustainable, organic, and thoughtful practices. In the cellar, we seek to translate these beautiful truths and capture the nuance of each site through minimal intervention winemaking: picking by taste and flavor, preserving a grape’s natural acidity, native fermentations and minimal sulfur additions. In wine, we call this terroir: honest interpretation of the vineyard. In art, curators describe it as passionate realism. Merisi Wines is named after the Italian painter Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio, perhaps the most provocative painter of this style. His pursuit of authenticity and distinctiveness from his peers became our beacon of truth telling and excellence. We hope you enjoy the discovery of Merisi Wines!
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  • Kivelstadt Cellars

    California, Modern Minimalists, New World, Old School

    Kivelstadt Cellars was founded for our love of amazing California vineyards. After leaving a career in consulting in his early twenties, Jordan Kivelstadt traveled the world making wine in California, Australia, Chile, and Argentina. In 2007, Jordan made 125 cases of Estate Syrah. He drew inspiration both from his winemaking experiences in the new world and his family’s passion for European cuisine, art, and wine culture. Hence our focus became exploring the product of incredible California vineyards, with a nod toward the rich history and balance of the old world wines that came before us. Since the inaugural 2007 vintage, our production has grown to 5,000 cases annually. We strive to create wines of intrigue that maintain a fun and approachable style and challenge the status quo of conventional California wines.