• Bosma Estate Winery


    Bosma Estate Winery was born from our love of good wine and interest in growing quality wine grapes. We entered the wine industry in 2005 with the purchase of Bosma Estate Vineyard in the Rattlesnake Hills AVA in Washington state. More recently we developed Diamondback Ridge Vineyard, also in the Rattlesnake Hills AVA. Growing quality wine grapes by managing light and water is our focus. Careful attention to details produces top quality grapes which are key to top quality wines. We make very small batch wines, keeping the clones separate from harvest through bottling so that the clonal differences can be experienced and thoughtfully blended. Though the nuances are small, they are very discernable. By sourcing the grapes from our Estate vineyards where we can control the growing conditions and terroir, we can then control for all winemaking variables such as yeast, type of barrel, age of the barrel, toast of the barrel, and length of time in the barrel, thereby highlighting just the clonal differences between the grapes.