American Wines to Pair With an American Holiday

Thanksgiving can be a challenge for the modern wine enthusiast to get the pairings just right. You can pair almost any wine with the vast array of amazing food, but the real trick is finding a wine that rises to the occasion and will be sure to please everybody from your aunt and uncle who love to go on about their amazing allocations, to your cousin who wants to bend your ear talking about organic viticulture and sulfites. No matter the occasion, we curated a perfect selection of wines for Thanksgiving that are sure to elevate your wine game!

A Great Pinot Noir

Pinot Noir is the quintessential Thanksgiving wine. You cannot go wrong with bringing a great Pinot Noir to Thanksgiving dinner and will easily impress everyone in the family. These wines are classy, elegant, and show all of the grace that embodies the spirit of Thanksgiving. Pinot Noir will always pair well with turkey, stuffing, and every side you can throw at it. We have been crushing over elegant, modern expression of Pinot Noir from California and Oregon.

A Classic Chardonnay

Chardonnay is a classic white wine that will pair effortlessly with long dinners and longer conversations. Modern California Chardonnays are so exciting right now, marrying hints of cream and kisses of butter with electric citrus zest, apples, and tropical fruit. American Chardonnay today is more balanced, nuanced, and delicious than it has ever been and should be a must have white wine for Thanksgiving.

Try Something New for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a perfect opportunity to try a new wine. You could look for a spicy or smoky wine to pair with your main meals, or try something with an interesting profile to get the wine conversations flowing. As a modern wine enthusiast, take something to dinner that says something about you. Take a Grenache to show your spicy side, or skin contact Pinot Gris to sjare your love for Fall's natural delights.

An Interesting Red Wine

Have some fun with your wine pairings this Thanksgiving and go off the beaten path with an interesting varietal or red blend. Spice things up with a Grenache from California or a blend of Pinot Noir and Gamay! When looking to try something new, get to know a wine's style. Look closely at details like body and profile to get a sense for what you might like about a wine and where it is going to fit into your Thanksgiving plans. Lighter and medium bodied red wines will always be welcome, but don't be afraid to go big and go bold with something rich and dark if that's what you and your crew are feeling.

Orange Wines and Rosé With a Twist

Dare to be different and pair Thanksgiving fare with fun pink and funky orange wines. These wines pair well with football games outside or on the television, parades, and getting ready to do the holiday shopping. They can be a lot of fun but will offer something serious when it comes time to sit down as well. Look for darker Rosé wines that pack a little bit more character and punch to match the rich side dishes. Orange wines will not only look like they fit right in with the seasonal Thanksgiving decor but they taste like it too! Throwing a carefully selected Orange wine with notes of dried fruits, nuts, and sage, will definitely level up your wine game as an aperitif or a main course unto itself that everybody will be talking about.