Crew Work Wines

Elkton, OR

We are a family-run organization born from one man's commitment to his heritage. That man is Nathan Wood and his heritage has deep roots in the early days of the Napa Valley. We're talking first vineyard management est. 1946. We're talking old-school prune farmers, turned grape growers, turned winery founders. Nathan founded Elkton while hitchhiking through the Pacific Northwest in 2009 and, in the spirit of his great grandfather, putting down roots and not looking back. Casey grew up in Los Angeles and moved to Humboldt County for college in 2006. From there it was just a steady progression north working in various industries from wildlife biology to horses to wine to wildlife again and most recently about a 50/50 split between horses and wine. Can you sense a pattern? Crew Work is the inaugural label from our small yet mighty company which we formed together in 2016. It is an homage to the people who have worked for us/with us/in our interest/toward our common cause- to do the best we can with what we've got. No matter the circumstances - 100% of the time. Those who like their wine how they like their friends, with a bit of moxie, nuance, and originality are who we are here to serve.

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